STOP, CLEAR, OPEN: Message from the Microwave

Who among you will drink their hot coffee, cold?

I, for one, am usually fine with it, but recently, when it was chilly in my office, I went in to the kitchen to warm my morning cup in the microwave. Quickly realizing that I put it on for too long, I hit the button that said “STOP/CLEAR”.  Then, since I have a fancy microwave ?, I had to hit another button that said OPEN.

Interestingly enough, this was at a point where I was trying to decide how to proceed with some of the content sharing I’ve been doing over the past few years. And I thought, wow! What a metaphor for what to do when you have a decision to make…


It’s that simple: STOP, CLEAR, OPEN.

For the past several years I’ve been sharing content on LinkedIn, FB, Instagram and Twitter.  It’s what has helped me, my clients, and hopefully you think differently, solve problems from an elevated level of consciousness, be more creative in your approach to your work life and your life’s work, change the way you relate to yourself and those around you and ultimately feel more expansive in your perspective and how you experience everything and everyone.

After several years of sharing this kind of content, I feel I have a decision to make.  Either keep going in a similar fashion and take it to the next level in terms of promoting the content or think about it differently and come up with something else.

I don’t feel the call to start promoting more and if you’ve listened to the last episode of our podcast, ReThinking Leadership, serving fresh ideas over coffee, you know that De and I are finalizing our 40th episode.  We will discontinue recording future podcasts under that name. De is moving on to establish a healing ministry for women and I’m pondering whether or not I’ll continue to record with a new format.

I have a decision to make. And above all I want to feel free and have peace of mind. Both of those feelings are an “inside job”.  It is said, that you teach what you need to learn.  So, this message from the microwave was the perfect solution for how to make that decision.

I’ve taken the wisdom I received from the kitchen and I will STOP, CLEAR & OPEN.

I will STOP and make time to get quiet and be still so that the distractions won’t interrupt the information that would be otherwise available to me.

With that information I will get CLEAR on what is next to do.

Then, I will OPEN my heart and my mind to moving forward in whatever way serves the highest and best for all concerned.

I continue to receive tremendous satisfaction from doing one-on-one Leadership Career Coaching for those who want to be their best in service of the best we, so that is what will remain a constant.

The recording of the #FreedomPhrases on YouTube will continue for a few more weeks until there are 100 and then I’ll take a break there as well.

I trust I will be sharing again based on what I’ve learned because learning and then sharing is in my nature.

I look forward to what form that will take and to engaging with you in that way.

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