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Are you a pioneer looking for your personal
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The 21st century leaders are being called to navigate new realms in business. The Pioneer is a groundbreaker able to courageously leave behind the known for the promise of what might be. The journey into the unknown requires enthusiasm, tenacity, a certain conviction, vision and sense of adventure. Creating Impact equips leadership pioneers with a GPS for navigating the new world of business.

At Creating Impact, LLC, we work with 21st century Leaders to attract unprecedented success. Our goal is to ensure that our clients realize their greatest potential through our offerings:

Our confidential, unbiased forum provides the perfect platform to embrace change, manage growth and impact profitability through the support, guidance, tools and accountability that comes with our brand of leadership coaching.


"Let your being guide your doing"jackielesser

"The most perfect relationship is the one that supports us in fulfilling our destiny--the one that empowers us to be everything we are meant to be in this world and beyond." - Jan Stringer

  • beginwiththeendinmind
  • Implementing the 21st century competencies required for achieving the results you imagine. Creating Impact is Evolutionizing the way business gets done by changing the way people work together

Client Stories

  • “I hear Jackie in my head all the time, asking, ‘what’s the kindest gentlest thing I can do for myself right now?’ ” Stacy Holland Chief of Strategic Partnerships
  • “Working with Jackie Lesser, I’ve focused on my Transformational Leadership journey." Sue McCloskey Director of Finance & Fulfillment Penn Fluid System Technologies
  • “Jackie Lesser has a stellar track record of advising a broad array of leaders and that experience became evident the moment we met." Catherine M. Cahill President & CEO The Mann Center for the Performing Arts
  • “As a newer member of the leadership team at my company, Jackie has helped reinforce the training, role play coaching conversations and has been a great coach for me and has helped make me a better leader. I couldn’t imagine where I would be without her help.” Jeffrey R. Gladheim Senior Sales Supervisor, Swagelok Northwest
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"Jackie helps people to elevate their performance, to discern their direction, and to become the best versions of themselves."Liz Dow, President
Leadership Philadelphia