There is Purpose in the Process

You have a mission, a signature project, a life skill to develop and you’re excited about the end you have in mind and what that will do for you. So, your tendency is to want to get to the finish line; to have yourself established and confident in your expertise, and to have your great work be recognized. Personally, I feel the deep desire to figure it all out and know how it’s going to go and put a line in the sand or a stake in the ground to name and claim, “this is mine and I’m sure of it”. Can you relate to this?

You begin on your path and you bump up against the need to learn fast, get it right the first time, do it well, prove that you are worthy and good. In these moments, you lose steam because you don’t want to go through the detours, you don’t want to jump the hurdles and encounter the roadblocks on the way.

The trouble for most of us in reaching our potential with the goal we have in mind is maintaining our focus along the way.  I think the reason we lose focus is because we become frustrated by the process. I know I have felt that way!

There is purpose in the process.

While I don’t always appreciate the notion of iterations, there is something to be said for my work in the world being dynamic and very alive. The process is purposeful and in each stage and phase I am evolving along with it.

Every iteration, every detour, every hurdle, every roadblock is useful because the treasure is in the process of getting to my destination and taking what I learn from each obstacle. Why? Because I can trust that if I put myself on this path then I am called to do this. It is mine.

Sometimes the need to be good at something right away and to have it all buttoned up, takes our eye off our “why”. Why are you really doing this? Is it only for the outcome? Is it for the learning, the growth and the forward moving action that will shape you, and make you who you are to become?

Let the process be where you let go of the wheel and have faith in your pure intention to bring this thing in to the world. There is so much learning in the process that is required for your work to be all that it is capable of being.

Befriend the end goal you have in mind and trust that if you focus you will get there. Miracles are occurring throughout the process.

Here are 7 tips for overcoming the frustration of roadblocks and detours when you are in the process:

  1. Remember your “why,” the reason you took this on in the first place. And keep going. Start With The Why
  2. Be patient and trust you are making progress.
  3. Have faith that this is yours to do. Believe you are exactly where you need to be and that the process has the purpose of refining you for the result. The Great Work of Your Life: A Guide for the Journey to Your True Calling.
  4. Like a professional athlete that uses her mind, you also need to train your body to be disciplined, flexible and adaptable. Keep it healthy so you can show up for your work. The Power of Full Engagement: Managing Energy, Not Time, Is the Key to High Performance and Personal Renewal 
  5. Look for clues, coincidences and synchronicity to help you believe in life and your role in it.
  6. Meditate for stillness, focus and insights.
  7. Practice the Alexander Technique for presence of mind, body and spirit

Matthew Hammond

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